Why Spice?


The past few decades have shown rapid development in the wheel industry. The hand built trade, once threatened by the development of wheel building machines, is now seeing a resurgence due to an ever growing variety of wheel components on the market.

With this resurgence comes the responsibility of wheelbuilders to create the best quality wheel that a specific rim, hub, and spokes can provide. That’s where we come in! Spice Wheels combines years of experience in wheel production, backed by a DT Swiss certification to offer wheels that can stand up to everything that they were designed to do.

We double and triple check every build to make sure it’s up to our high standards before it hits the road.


Who is Spice?

My name is Jon McCormick. My freinds call me “Pepper Jack”.

I am a full time wheel builder and bike courier in Minneapolis.

I developed a passion for wheel building early on in my cycling career. From the very first wheel I built at Sunrise Cyclery, to eventually losing count of builds working in the QBP wheelhouse, to earning an advaned wheel builder certification at United Bicycle Institute in Portland, this passion has stuck with me every day.

When I’m not working (which is rare), you can usually find me cruising around town with friends or hanging out at local coffee shops.



As of 8/1/18, we have closed our storefront location to re-evaluate space needs. New location will be decided upon soon.  Local in-person appointments via The Alt Bike and Board can still be scheduled using the contact information below.