HED Belgium Plus Disc Build Package

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HED Belgium Plus Disc Build Package

from 843.78

A top of the line solution for disc road and cyclocross applications.

  • Brake Track: Machined

  • Color: Black

  • Rim Width (Internal): 21 mm

  • Rim Width (External): 25 mm

  • Rim Material: Alloy

  • Rim Center Offset (mm): 0 mm

  • Rim Depth (mm): 24 mm

  • Rim Joint: Welded

  • Tire Type: Tubeless Ready

  • Valve: Presta

  • Wheel Size: 700c (available in 650b upon request)

  • Weight: 465 g

There’s a lot we can say about the hubsets we picked for this package. However, we think the manufacturers say it best.


White Industries XMR:

“The XMR hub set is our newest ISO six bolt disc hub. The demanding nature of off-road riding requires a durable hubset that you can trust. Our XMR hub set has been created with the same reliability you can expect from White Industries components plus we’ve upgraded the hub using the newest standardized technology and advancements in the industry. What is the same? We continue to offer the freehub body in 6-4 titanium as it is the best and most durable for this application, the drive system is still available for Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11, Campy 9/10/11 speed, and SRAM XD systems.  What is new?  XMR can be  outfitted with a new high engagement ratchet system or with stock ratchet system, new colors:  red, blue, gold, pink, purple, silver and black are now available, and the hub is offered with QR or easy change out thru axle systems:  12mm thru or 15mm thru for the front, and 12x142mm for the rear. The XMR is the lightest ISO six bolt hub we have ever offered, and yet, it is still durable to stand up to all your needs be it Cross, Road or Mountain biking.”

Available in polished silver, black, blue, gold, red, pink, purple anodized

DT Swiss 350:

“Whoever is looking for the most affordable high performance hubs available, should take a very close look at the 350 hub line-up. The same performance as its even higher end cousins comes with slightly less weight optimized parts to offer the same reliability at a much lower cost. Being available in all standards and for any application, the 350 hub is for those who maybe like to ride the trails a little more than drooling over catalogs and specs.”

Available Colors. Black

Hope Pro 4:

“Incredibly versatile and easily serviceable hub with a proven reputation for bullet proof quality time and time again. The 6 anodised colours throughout the range give the ultimate in bike customisation.”

11 speed compatible

  • Sealed stainless Steel cartridge bearings throughout

  • Hub shell machined from a single forged aluminium billet

  • Standard 6 bolt disc fitting

  • 4 Pawl ratchet system with 44 tooth engagement (8.2 deg)

  • Larger spoke flange to enable stiffer wheel builds

  • Unsurpassed reliability

  • Available in 135mm and 142mm widths

Available Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Purple and Orange

For spokes and nipples, we have calculated what we believe are the best combinations for this build.

Our 28/28 spoke count option gives riders ranging from 100-175lbs a classic feel, free from worry of overstraining components. Laced 2x rear and front.

Our 32/32 spoke count option provides a strong build for riders weighing up to 250lbs. Laced 3x rear and front

Apart from spoke count, other factors apply. We have selected the spoke and nipple types that we feel best match the performance of these components.

DT Competition:

A classic and affordable stainless steel spoke option. It’s double butted, 2.0/1.8/2.0 profile creates a stonger yet lighter advantage over it’s straight guage counterpart, the DT Champion. Available in Silver or Black

Sapim C-Xray:

One of the best bladed spokes on the market the stainless steel C-Xray’s 2.0-.09x2.2-2.0 profile guarantees fit in all standard spoke holes without risky hub modifications. The middle section creates an incredibly high strength aerodynamic blade at a weight comparable to titanium spokes. Available in Silver or Black.

Brass Nipples:

These are the all around workhorse of the wheel world. A durable nipple capable of supporting high tension and resisting corrosion due to the elements. Available in black and silver.

Alloy Nipples

These are a pro riders dream come true. Being significantly lighter than their brass counterparts, they help to reduce rotating weight, producing a faster ride. The wide range of anodized colors is not only an aesthetic benefit. It also provides a weatherproof coating that when cared for properly can last the duration of your wheels. That being said, we don’t recommend alloy nipples for salty/snowy applications. Available in black,blue,gold,lime,pink,purple,silver,orange, and red.


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