How do I order a custom build?

We prefer an initial consultation in person or via email before starting any custom order. Contact us with a brief description of what you're looking for. Be sure to include any questions you may have. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Do you work on other bike parts?

Short answer, no. We are a specialty shop and do not have the space or tooling for non wheel related repairs. That being said, if we're installing your wheels for you we are more than happy to give everything a quick look over.


Do I need to provide my own rims/hubs/spokes or can you order them?

We can order pretty much any wheel components you are looking for.  If you already have parts you want built up, we can do that too! There are a few rules that we have to follow though.

1: No used rims or spokes. 

2: Let us calc your spoke length. We won't build with anything that's "close enough".

3:Used hubs must be in good condition

4: DO NOT ship any parts to our office without prior contact. We need to make sure someone is available to receive them.


I need tires,tubes,cassette, etc. Can you provide those?

Yup! We don't keep much more than rims, hubs, and spokes in the shop. We can order what you need to complete your wheels. We'll install them for no extra charge too! Note: We will not order non wheel related parts or accessories.