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The Spice Promise

Every wheel at Spice Wheels is thoroughly built and inspected by hand to ensure optimum performance to keep you riding for countless worry free miles.

In addition to simply puting more care into my wheels than the average manufacturer, I stand behind my wheels with a worry free warranty.

2 Year Warranty:

The first two years of your wheels are guaranteed against broken spokes, tension loss, and wobble. If you encounter any of these issues, I will repair your wheels free of charge.

Lifetime Crash Replacement

In cases of a crashed or damaged wheel, I offer a crash replacement discount for the resonable lifespan of the wheel. If you have the misfortune of hitting a pothole, car door, rock garden, etc. you can have your wheels rebuilt for a 20% parts and labor discount.


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Who is Spice?

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Jon McCormick

My passion for cycling goes back to childhood when I used to bike 4 miles to get to the local gas station for sodas on my old wal mart mountain bike. I can’t remember any summer as a kid that I didn’t spend on two wheels.

As I’ve grown into an “adult”, that passion has turned to a career. Initially starting as a bike courier (a job that I continue to do on weekends to this day) I quickly moved on to my first shop job and eventually took a position in the QBP Wheelhouse. It was during this time that I travelled to Portland, OR to obtain a DT Swiss wheel building certification at United Bicycle Institute.

Two years, thousands of machine built wheels, and a couple of panic attacks later, I decided that the 9-5 suburban warehouse life wasn’t for me. So, I quit and decided to take a new full time messenger job while continuing to build wheels from home on the side.

In 2017 after finding that I was gaining a small following as a builder, I decided to incorporate Spice Wheels as a legal business.

Fast forward to today, I’ve built more wheels than I can count, settled into a professional workspace, and have met plenty of excited cyclists along the way!